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Medical doctors quite often strongly recommend a wedge pillow to affected individuals of acid reflux disease due to the fact it relieves heartburn during the time you sleep. It is relatively very simple to realize how a wedge pillow helps once we have an understanding of the way heartburn may transpire. We'll take a quick look.

What's acid reflux?
- Acid reflux
happens when gastric acid runs in reverse, or "refluxes" coming from the stomach upward into the esophagus.

What's heartburn?
- Heartburn
is a symptom of acid reflux. It is the pain and discomfort experienced anytime acid reflux takes place. Acid reflux is considered the action, while heartburn is considered the feeling.

What's GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)?
In cases where acid reflux becomes extensive and/or long term, its regarded as GERD.

At the time you're standing up, ones esophagus is above ones stomach and so, logically, gravity helps to retain gastric acid down inside of ones stomach. When ever you lie down, your esophagus is now at roughly the exact same level as your stomach which usually makes it significantly less difficult for the stomach acid to pass right back directly into a person's esophagus. That's why acid reflux frequently arises when lying down and tends to make resting incredibly hard for individuals suffering from GERD.

How exactly does a wedge pillow work?

A wedge pillow
puts an individual's upper body on an incline as you're laying down. It allows for gravity to keep the stomach acid down inside your stomach and will make it very unlikely that the stomach acid will flow in reverse, up your esophagus. It truly is a extremely convenient cure which makes sense when you get as to why acid reflux transpires.

Although it is not a permanent cure for acid reflux, a wedge pillow is definitely a all-natural solution that will ease the discomforts as you are resting and attempting to sleep providing restful nights allowing you to wake up feeling renewed and vitalized.

Furthermore, a wedge pillow can also be useful for other activities for example , reading, watching TV or working on a laptop while you are laying down. It also aids to relieve pain at the back, neck, shoulder and any other parts of one's body.